Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Uncool Girl

Last night I was browsing facebook and came upon a bunch of pictures from a premier of sorts at a local and very popular yoga studio. Many of my acquaintances were there looking really darn gorgeous. I felt like such a loser for not having been there. Here were women who had worked in the birth community for not half the time I had! Why shouldn't I be there? Why shouldn't I be in the "in" crowd?

This morning I was listening to the radio and Tori Amos came on, I've always loved Tori Amos. Just listening to her makes me feel like a teen again. When I came home I pulled up a video of "Cornflake Girl" and posted it to my site. Some sent this link to me from Bitch magazine:

Huh. Uncool? Tori Amos was uncool?

And then came one of those lovely moments when the skies part and I realized I'm right where I'm supposed to be. I'm not living any life but my own. And by god I've always done things a little different, swum against the stream, carved a different path. I'm out of my comfort zone right now because I have no clear idea of what I'm supposed to do next, where I'm supposed to go or how I'm supposed to get there, but how much worse would it be if I tried to conform to what I thought I "should" be doing.

So I'm okay. I'm cool, in my own quirky way, and if that means being uncool, I'm alright with that.

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