Sunday, November 28, 2010

Reasons I Love Where I'm From

I went to Anodyne coffee shop with my husband for breakfast this morning. We had a very unusual night without the kids and we took advantage of every second of couple time. I do love a cup of chai and a breakfast sandwich in the morning! I sat and read the City Pages (our local "independent" news paper) and enjoyed a section delineating why Minneapolis is great, I couldn't agree more. So here is a short list of why I love where I'm from.

1.The Music! We have incredible local music, last night I saw Low and Jeremy Messersmith, I strongly encourage you to check them out online if you're not from the Twin Cities.

2. Lake Harriet is less than a mile from my house, it's beautiful to walk or bike around (on lovely paved trails) and in the summer it's safe to swim in.

3.Kingfield Farmer's Market is only open one day a week, June through October but we have fabulous artists, delicious veggies, fresh organic eggs and meat, artisan breads and cheeses and the Chef Shack which serves up yummy and healthy options for local foodies.

4. Gazillions of coffee shops. We've got Anodyne and Butter right here in our neighborhood.

5. Linden Hills neighborhood. Just across the lake lies the wee neighborhood of Linden Hills. You can stop in for a (generous) sample of bread at Great Harvest. Grab a cup of coffee from Coffee and Tea Ltd. then stop in at Wild Rumpus to browse children's books and visit the menagerie of animals who live there. If that's not your thing, stop in the knitting shop next door or head up the block to the beautiful Arts and Crafts style public library.

6. The number 18. This bus takes you into the heart of downtown. No paying for parking! Yay!

7. My neighbors. I know them, I like them, I'm lucky to have them.

8. Trees. We have a boatload of them in my neighborhood.

9. Summer festivals. From May Day in Powderhorn Park to the Lyn/Lake Street fair, there's always something hopping on the weekends in our fair city.

Well, I could go on and on, but that'll do for now. What makes the place you live, marvelous?


  1. ah, ur neighborhood seems right up my alley, i often contemplate relocating now that i have graduated college and everyone suggest, the cities*i am from mankato* because i went into the medical field but when i think of the cities i picture what i see in the...i dunno what you call it... well tall buildings, dirty streets and crap tons of taxis. not my thing at all. libraries, museums, COFFEE SHOPS, good neighbors and neighborhoods, as i have a 2yr old daughter, are my thing! ur neighborhood sounds nice, i want to join. do u have suggestions for nieghborhoods in the cities such as yours? quiter areas, cute areas, with grass and trees... lol

  2. Whew! Sorry it's taken me some time to respond. Nicole I grew up in Mankato too, but honestly I couldn't wait to leave! Then again, I've always been a big city kind of girl. What I love about Minneapolis though is that it's accessible and if you *want* to seek out excitement it's easy to do but if you want to chill, that's easy too! I loved living in NE Mpls, very affordable and more quiet than S Mpls but I love Southside because it's so close to all the fun! Best I can recommend is to come up and visit once the snow melts and spend some time hanging out in parks, it's a good way to get a read on individual neighborhoods. And good luck to you!